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About Andrew Bravant

Since stepping up to his first tee shot at the age of 5 years old, British born Andrew Bravant has walked some of the most prestigious fairways and greens in the world. He has played, competed and coached some of the best golfers, including players such as Rory McIlroy, Ross Fisher, and the 2015 Masters winner, Danny Willet. As the Teaching Professional of NYC Golf Lesson you can count on Andrew to help you elevate and achieve your golfing goals.

Andrew Bravant Swinging His Club

With more than 25 years of golfing experience and more than 12 years of experience on tour, Andrew has proven to be an outstanding player and a superior, "results driven" instructor. His invaluable experience and extended knowledge of the game,  has afforded Andrew the insight to tailor his golf instruction to provide his clients the tools to improve their game but also the tools to continue ongoing self improvements beyond the walls of instruction and on the course when it counts!

Andrew's fundamental approach to golf has not only allowed him to play and win competitively, but share his love for the game. With Andrew's patient and easygoing demeanor, he has become a highly coveted golf instructor leading golfers to levels they never thought could be reached.

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Our Mission

" To unveil every golfers' true ability, with simple, and customized development programs that include setting and achieving realistic and measurable goals while eliminating over-complicated instruction and hours of wasted practice ".

Andrew Bravant Swinging a Golf Club